Development Opportunities

John & Nick set up their first campsite on the Eridge Estate in 2009. Starting with little more than a bramble patch adjoining a car park we successfully established what has rapidly become a very popular campsite. Within a year of opening both the Guardian and Cool Camping had put Forgewood in their top ten UK sites. Since then we have helped open a further four sites and believe we can assist in creating a lot more.

We are renowned for developing sites while retaining their delicate ecological balance and promoting a dynamic eco-system. Our sites our designed to be low impact and ideally leave no permanent footprint on the landscape.

With our tried and tested Pop-Up model of running campsites we are able to open and trial a piece of land with very little initial investment. This way we can let our guests decide if they like a site and in return, they get to camp on beautiful untouched land.

If you own a campsite or are thinking about setting up a real camping style campsite we would be happy to talk to you. Camping Unplugged can provide booking and administration services as well as advice on how to go about establishing a campsite.

By joining the Camping Unplugged family of campsites you will get exposure to people who are still looking for a real camping experience. Obviously all campsites that do sign up with camping unplugged will have to provide what we regard as the essentials for a great camping experience.

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